Geale selected to wear team manager hat at 2017 New Zealand Short Course Championships

Acquiring more knowledge and passing this on to her charges was the motivation behind putting forward the application.

And now she has been appointed, Singleton Amateur Swimming Club (SASC) head coach, Melisa Geale, is eagerly anticipating her first foray into the international arena.

Geale has been tasked with managing the Coast&Valley Swimming Association’s (CVSA’s) Senior Establishment Squad when they travel to the 2017 New Zealand Short Course Championships in Auckland next month.

She is one of two team manager’s who will have to ensure six of the region’s best swimmers are ready to race.

Geale says her role is all encompassing from simply making sure they turn up on time to being poolside with respected head coach, Kerry Saunders.

“I can’t wait to pick her brains,” she says.

“Taking the team over to New Zealand is a great opportunity to be a part of an elite meet and see what the other coaches do.”

Something which will be of great value as like many coaches in rural areas, Geale is essentially on her own.

Although she is pleased NSW Swimming has recently appointed a Regional Club Development Coach to help fill this gap.

But for now Geale is looking forward to the prospect of heading across the Tasman and being a part of the international meet.

Despite having never met them before, she is up to the task of managing the six swimmers who range in age from 17 to 20.

“I have seen them around the pool deck at different events but I don’t really know them,” she explains.

Singleton Amateur Swimming Association's (SASC) head coach, Melisa Geale.

Singleton Amateur Swimming Association's (SASC) head coach, Melisa Geale.