Three meows for our purr-fect celebrity

SAY hello to Singleton’s newest celebrity, the NSW Clinic Cat of the Year, Hector from Singleton Height’s Pet Hospital.

Hector shared the title with Buttons from Bathurst.

Our champion Hector

Our champion Hector

Hector wasn’t too keen on wearing a sash and posing for a photo with the trophy during last week’s ceremony but he didn’t mind all the attention, although a tasty treat wouldn’t have gone unnoticed by him.

The cat has been a mainstay at the clinic since it started four years ago and is very much a part of the team there.

Hector’s calm and good natured personality and friendly hellos to those who visit the clinic is only half the story of this feline’s contribution to the Pet Hospital.

“Hector helps us teach stray kittens who come into our care often around Christmas time to live domestically,” Singleton Pet Hospital veterinarian Julie Girdler said.

“He offers companionship and they follow his example, they look up to him.

“Hector has also donated blood and was a big part of helping us successfully find homes for more than 30 stray kittens over the years.”

He’s so popular with the Singleton Pet Hospital clients that one young girl drew a picture of Hector to place on the wall; “non-cat people” have also voiced their affection for him.

Sometimes his trusting nature has got the better of him though with several run-ins with most cats’ biggest enemies, dogs.

Hector won the award because of his large amount of votes during April to mid-July and his story that won over the judges.

The ginger cat came to the clinic as a kitten after he wasn’t treated well, suffering a broken hip after being thrown by his leg.

“Hector’s story is a reinforcement that we need to take good care of our pets and people need to be educated on how,” Ms Girdler said.

Next year the staff at Singleton Pet Hospital think Hector can become the national clinic cat of the year. 

In any case, he has earned job title Hector the Protector - head security guard.


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