Fresh new face at St Cath's

ST Catherine’s Catholic College is welcoming fresh new face Danny Ariel as their assistant principal primary.

EAGER: Danny Ariel is the new assistant principle primary at St Catherine’s Catholic College.

EAGER: Danny Ariel is the new assistant principle primary at St Catherine’s Catholic College.

With 24 years of experience in teaching, he is well-equipped for the position and all it entails. 

“This is the first time I have had a role at St Catherine’s College as well as my first experience at a K to 12 school,” he says.

“My role here is about providing support for the students, guiding teachers and staff as well as to communicate with the parents.

“It really is about being a voice for the primary school.”

Danny also teaches class 4AC every Monday in which he describes as a great joy to work with the children.  

Prior to working at St Catherine’s, he taught at St Paul’s Primary School in Rutherford where he held the position of assistant principal.

However, when the chance arose to work at a K to 12 school the passionate teacher saw the position as a great opportunity and, even more so, a great challenge. 

For him, understanding the differences and complexities of a kinder to year 12 school has been a great learning experience.  

“Working in a K to 12 school is very exciting,” he tells The Argus.

“There is a vision and great opportunity to be able to create a seamless transition for students from Year 6 to Year 7 because we have both the primary and high school facilities.”

Collaboration and discussion among staff, students and parents is vital in creating a welcoming schooling environment especially for children making that monumental step from primary to high school, he says. 

Originally from Western Sydney, Danny’s two greatest passions have always been learning and teaching so a career in the education field was an obvious path. 

“I have always had a social justice side and love serving others so teaching was always something I wanted to pursue,” he says. 

“I strongly believe that we are all life-long learners and when our children walk out the school gates at the end of Year 12, that’s what I want them to remember. 

“That’s what we have to teach our kids.”

Outside of teaching, Danny enjoys sports such as rugby as well as being passionate about music. 

“I’m really interested in sports and music, and I feel that more of those activities should be encouraged because learning doesn’t stop outside of the classroom,” he says.

“We have many opportunities for 

student’s here, but finding ways to enhance and create more of those opportunities – that’s the real challenge.”

Danny’s positive attitude, patience and determination are what make him such an honourable assistant principal, not to mention his natural flair with children. 

With ambitious goals for the upcoming school year, he is settling into his position well. 

“I’m still new to this role but I believe having an optimistic, can-do attitude is really important in all aspects of life.

“There are times, of course, when you have to be serious but children grow up so quickly. What’s most important for them is to have fun and positive learning.”