Singleton Council's general manager looks to immediately improve animal shelter

Council’s general manager, Jason Linnane was quick to commit to immediately improving the conditions endured by impounded animals in Singleton. He quickly responded to the passionate pleas of a concerned Singleton resident, Donna Saunders, who provided some insight into the inadequacy of the current animal shelter.

After making a point of speaking to Ms Saunders when she first arrived at Council chambers on Monday night, and then listening intently to her presentation, he concluded a working group should be formed and a plan of action nutted out. 

This course of action was added to the motion already on the table which was primarily concerned with finding a long-term solution to the problem as identified in the Council’s 2016/17 operational plan. 

The additional clause states, Council will continue to work with members of our local community to achieve the best outcomes for the existing facilities, including developing and managing an action plan addressing the issues raised in public access.

developing and managing an action plan addressing the issues raised in public access.

Jason Linnane

Ms Saunders highlighted a number of issues from dogs being exposed to the elements and not getting the chance to be adopted locally, to Council refusing to allow volunteers to help out.  At one point she says an offer of free dog beds was also rejected. 

She explained the process of chasing suitable beds on the advice on one council employee, then managing to get them donated only to have another employee tell her they could not be used. 

Ms Saunders was told lifting them was an Occupational Health and Safety issue – they were too heavy. The answer was still the same even when she offered to provide trolleys to lift the beds with.  

Cr Adamthwaite weighed into the discussion explaining the present animal shelter was only ever meant to be a temporary facility, and it was sad to see the situation has come to this. 

Although Mr Linanne is determined to upgrade the facility to improve conditions in the short-term, he did not rule out “outsourcing” the service in the future.