Lee and Cheryl Gallagher's Siamese Cats impress at Sydney Royal Easter Show

Local Siamese Cat breeders, Lee and Cheryl Gallagher, have once again enjoyed success at the prestigious Sydney Royal Easter Show.

The Singleton couple took out seven Group 2 categories with a number of awards in each.

However, it’s easy to see why they keep on producing champions.

From importing a stud from Hawaii who quickly became a national champion to hand-delivering their kittens, these meticulous breeders genuinely have a deep affection for all of their cats.

At the moment they have 15 adult cats and six kittens, all of which are in pristine condition.

With even the kittens exhibiting the sort after characteristics of the aristocratic looking Asian breed.

A show standard specimen needs to have a good temperament, a wedge-shaped head that the ears extend, deep blue eyes, an elongated tubular body, long legs, and of course, a long tail without any kinks. 

Lee says it is believed this undesirable trait can be traced back to Siam, now known as Thailand, where the breed is thought to have originated.

“They say their tails were used as ring holders by the Royal Princesses and that is how the kinks occurred,” he explains.

And, ironically the Gallagher’s well-cared for felines are indeed given the royal treatment.

They have the run of the house, and are a part of the family.

Although Cheryl says tending to their needs and producing three litters a year is the easy part.

“It’s travelling around to all the shows that is the challenge,” she says.

Pointing to a large suitcase, numerous cages, beds, and slabs of tinned food, she says they always pack the “cat bag” first.

“Last year between February and October we went to 38 shows and this included the nationals in Adelaide,” Lee adds.

But it is all worth it as this allows the couple to share their love of cats and educate others about the breed.

Official results:

  • GROUP 2 SIAMESE BLUE POINT (RING 1): Best In Section - 1, Best Kitten - 1 and Best of Breed – 1;
  • GROUP 2 SIAMESE BLUE TORTIE POINT (RING 1): Best In Section – 1;
  • GROUP 2 SIAMESE BLUE TORTIE POINT (RING 2): Best In Section – 1, Best of Breed – 1;
  • GROUP 2 SIAMESE BLUE TORTIE POINT (RING 3): Best In Section – 1;
  • GROUP 2 SIAMESE RED POINT (RING 1): Best In Section – 1;
  • Class C011 Neuter cat OPEN:  Award of Excellence – 1, Best of Breed – 1 Best DeSexed CAT in Group – 1;
  • Class C009 Male cat: OPEN Award of Excellence – 1, Best Entire CAT in Group – 1, Best of Breed - 1.