Singleton man warns residents about new scam doing the rounds in town

A SINGLETON man is warning residents to be wary of the latest scam doing the rounds, this time involving the NBN network.

With most homes nearly ready for the roll-out, the town appears to be in the sights of conmen and women, according to Darren Langsford.

He said a well-spoken girl rang him on Wednesday, saying she was working on behalf of Telstra Brisbane and needed access to his residence for the NBN.

The same situation occurred with his 70-year-old mum, who also lives in Singleton, the day before.

“I’m getting FTTN (fibre to the node or neighbourhood), so I knew she was incorrect,” Mr Langsford said.

“She then gave me her Telstra employment number as D853289, before asking for my name, which I refused to supply.

“The woman also requested my last billing number, so she could confirm my identity.

“Again, I said no.

“When I inquired as to her [phone] number, she declined to give it to me.

“I thought that was strange behavior.

“Although it didn’t sound legitimate at the time, I could see how some people might fall for it.

“She spoke with an Australian accent and seemed genuine.”

Within minutes of the initial conversation, Mr Langsford contacted Telstra, who put the 49-year-old onto the NBN service.

“They told me it was a scam straight away – and that there had been a few similar complaints,” he told The Argus.

“I’m still trying to work out what they wanted to achieve.

“Was it for identity theft or to try and find out if anyone was home?

“But, I just wanted to forewarn other locals.”