Magpie swooping season 2017 Hunter | photos, video map

Feeling anxious around tall trees? Ducking and jumping at the sight of a shadow? It must be magpie swooping season.

The end of winter marks the start of magpie breeding season and Hunter residents have been warned to keep an eye on the sky.

The birds become territorial and defend their nesting site, much to the detriment of passing pedestrians and cyclists.

According to the National Parks and Wildlife Service it is usually the male birds that swoop.

The territorial activity, or the swoop, will continue for the next six weeks until the newborn chicks leave the nest.

The best advice for residents is to avoid ­magpie swooping zones completely. Most commonly nest sites are tall tree in an open space.

People who do find themselves caught in a danger zone should walk confidently through the area and not react to any intimidating bird behaviour.

Have you been swooped by a magpie? If the location of the swooping isn’t in our map, fill out the form below for it to be included.

Ways to avoid magpie attacks include: 

  • Be tolerant and do not provoke magpies
  • Hold an umbrella above your head
  • Move confidently and quickly past nest sites
  • Wear a hat, ice-cream container, or helmet to protect your head and sunglasses
  • If riding a bike, dismount and move away quickly
  • Avoid nesting sites
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