Truck driver refused bail after critical incident in Singleton

The man charged with multiple offences after allegedly stealing a truck and wreaking havoc along George Street on Wednesday morning, has been refused bail and the case has been adjourned to Newcastle Court on December 6.

The accused 29-year-old Rodney Johnson from Macquarie Fields did not appear in Singleton court on Thursday morning when the matter was heard and has been charged with ten offences under the Crimes Act 1900, including: Section 58 Assault Officer while in execution of his or her duty, Section 51B(1) Police Pursuit, not stop, drive recklessly, first offence.

CRITICAL INCIDENT: The accused 29-year-old Rodney Johnson faces multiple charges after stealing a truck and causing havoc on George Street.

CRITICAL INCIDENT: The accused 29-year-old Rodney Johnson faces multiple charges after stealing a truck and causing havoc on George Street.

With the court documents stating he “did drive a vehicle, to wit, Freight Liner Truck NSW registration CG7OUE, knowing that police were in pursuit of the said vehicle and that he was required to stop the vehicle, and did not stop the vehicle and then drove the said vehicle recklessly and at a speed dangerous to others”.

He has also been charged with intentionally or recklessly destroying property under Section 58 of the Crimes Act 1900.

“Between 5.21pm and 6.10pm on 11/10/2017 at Singleton. Did intentionally or recklessly damage property, to wit, an office chair the property of NSW Police Force (Singleton Police Station).”

The local magistrate was quick to refuse the bail application based on the five considerations put forward by Police. These ranged from Mr Johnson’s criminal history, circumstances, and community ties, to the nature and seriousness of the offence.

“The accused person has no fixed place of abode. The accused is not employed. The accused recently and previously failed to attend court having warrants to be issued for his arrest to be bought before the court.  The accused during these offences has displayed a blatant disregard for the safety of both the general public and police during the commission of the offences,” the papers state.

“Serious damage was occasioned to a number of vehicles and also to building structure within the community during the commission of the offence which has caused major disruption to the community with damage to both property and vehicles along with major traffic diversion having to be put in place for numerous hours causing serve disruption to the community.”

“The accused used a large semi trailer was driven in the commission of the offence which also resulted in persons being injured as a result.”

Police also claim Mr Johnson has shown no remorse towards the victims.

A psychiatric report will also be prepared as a part of the brief due on November 22.


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