Martine Oglethorpe will be presenting 'Digital Parenting' at Singleton High School

Martine Oglethorpe from the The Modern Parent will be delivering a must-see presentation at Singleton High School (SHS) on Monday, November 27 from 2.30 – 3.30pm.

Themed ‘Digital Parenting’, the teacher, counsellor and mother of five is passionate about helping families, and kids make the best decisions around the use of technology, gaming and devices.

She will be covering important topics like coping with inappropriate content and how to keep you child’s gaming habits under control.

The presentation is free and open to parents, guardians, care-givers and community members.

Ms Oglethorpe says as our families become immersed in technology and the digital world, it is imperative we arm parents, guardian and care-givers with the necessary information, skills, strategies and perspective, to help steer both themselves and their children through the myriad of information, that often threatens to overwhelm.

“Whilst there are many challenges we all face, the greatest one is to ensure our children are getting the very best that the technology has to offer, whilst minimising the risk of harm to their personal safety and wellbeing,” she explains.

Some of the topics discussed will be :

  • How are kids using the technology?
  • What apps are kids using? Are they safe?
  • Coping with inappropriate content?
  • Your child loves video games, how to keep it under control, avoiding tech tantrums, privacy, predators and reputation;
  • Why parents are the key to safe and smart digital kids?
  • How to enforce boundaries, limits & keep the balance;
  • Strategies to teach kids the skills they need to make the best decisions online.