Girl Guide Ella Wigzell gets the chop for charity

It was a moment three years in the making, when the inspirational Ella Wigzell got the chop at the Singleton District Girl Guides annual Christmas party.

After growing it for so long, she now has a blonde bob and her ponytail will now be used to make wigs for sufferers of Alopecia Areata.

BEFORE: Ella Wigzell

BEFORE: Ella Wigzell

The word Alopecia means hair loss so people affected with this auto-immune disease lose hair from their scalp and bodies.  It can range from small, individual smooth patches of hair loss, to total loss of all hair on the body – including ear and nose hair.

In the process the self-motivated 12-year-old sold chocolates at school to raise money for the cause.

Her fellow Girl Guides also made a contribution at the Christmas Party where she lost her locks – in total she she raised $315.

Ella’s mum, Lisa, says she was inspired to do this quite some time ago.

“When Ella was only eight-years-old one of her guide leaders did the same thing,” she explains.

“She talked to the girls about the condition as her sister suffered from it and ever since then Ella has wanted to donate her hair.”

Lisa says her daughter is enjoying the change and has the right attitude towards chopping it all off.

With Ella telling her mum she can always grow more.