Bridget Brosi's textiles project selected for Texstyle exhibition

Bridget Brosi’s major textiles and design project is a compilation of hundreds of dollars’ worth of fabric and plenty more hours of hard work.   Hanging the completed three-set project up for the first time, it’s all she imagined and more. With blue underwater hues, sea turtles, hand stitched star fish and more, her picturesque major work is reminiscent of a scene from Finding Nemo.

In fact, Bridget’s piece is so cleverly crafted it has been selected for the annual Texstyle exhibition, a showcase of the state’s most exemplary HSC textile and design projects.

Making the selection even more special is the fact that Bridget studied Textiles by correspondence, a tough gig for any class, but particularly testing for those with major works.

Though, her vision, dedication and mere talent were enough to keep her focussed.

She chose an underwater theme for the project, admitting she has always taken a keen interest in marine life.

“I’ve always had an interest, and I thought I could be much more creative with the underwater theme,” Bridget said.

“I used a lot of different techniques - appliqué, wet felting, quilting, hand stitching, crochet and embroidery.”

Thinking outside of the box, Bridget even used a soldering iron, coffee beans and mulberry bark to add that little bit extra to her final piece.

Though it wasn’t all fun – her major work took months of preparation, researching, sourcing and downright hard work. She started the design process in December of last year and completed it in the early hours of the morning it was due to be submitted, in August of this year.

Fortunately, she had a great support network throughout the process, from her family and friends to her mentors at Busy Needles and Singleton High School teachers, Tracey Holloway and Jaye Sunnerton.

“Doing the subject by distance education was tough, but I was always asking questions and for advice from SHS teachers and the ladies here at Busy Needles,” Bridget said.

After all her hard work, Bridget’s selection for the major Textsyle exhibition comes as both a pleasant surprise and a sense of relief.

Bridget Brosi.

Bridget Brosi.

Her major work will be displayed at the Intocraft Live Show in Rosehill, Sydney, from Thursday, March 8 to Sunday, March 11.

Her work is also nominated for Shape, a display of HSC Design and Technology, Industrial Technology and Textiles and Design projects. She will find out whether or not she has been selected for the program in a few weeks’ time.