Inaugural Silver Spurs showjumping event a resounding success

The inaugural Silver Spurs showjumping event was held at the Singleton Showground on Saturday, November 25.

Considered a resounding success, up to 110 individual riders entered and competed in over 200 rounds.

Silver Spurs, Danielle McKeever, says the day was extremely successful.

“We posted for feedback online and the overwhelming majority of it has been positive,” she says.

“Hard to improve”, “ran smoothly” and “the most amazing day”, were some of the comments.

The venue, surface, and equipment was also praised.

As to next year, Ms McKeever says they are expecting to run the next show in May 2018.

  • Results Ring 1: 1m 30: 1st Kate Roots - Venture Beyond, 2nd Emma Bishop - CP Issey Miyake, 3rd Emily Mann- Belcam Cachi; 1m 20 21yrs&Under: 1st Sophie Hamilton-Smith -  Yoni, 2nd Millie Fisher- Yandoo Pasadena, 3rd Laura Norley- BB Calvin Cliene; 1m 20 Open: 1st Michael Lees - Keilor Canny Ever, 2nd Elodie Emmett-Mourlet - Fly Too High, 3rd David Robertson- Duskarado; 1m 10 Junior: 1st  Sophie Hamilton-Smith - Pretty Keen, 2nd Nadia Benedetti- La Laina, 3rd Laura Norley- BB Calvin Cliene; 1m 10 Open: 1st Jim Scobie - Soxdown, 2nd Ben Blay - Falklands, 3rd Ben Blay- Dressed in a Rush; 1m Junior: 1st Heidi Staples - Statford Delight, 2nd Isabel Thurlow- Oh I Say, 3rd Laura Norley- Limbo Lower; 1m Open: 1st  Ben Blay - Dressed in a Rush, 2nd Cecil Staples - Can’t Wait, 3rd Shenae Lowings - Vennix Warrior; 90cm Junior: 1st Charlie Richardson - Maximus, 2nd Isabel Thurlow- Oh I Say, 3rd Heidi Staples - Statford Delight; 90cm Open: 1st Jess Somerfield - Arnage Royal Exhibit, 2nd Shenae Lowings - Vennix Warrior, 3rd Ashely Danks - Harry.
  • Results Ring 2: 85cm U16 – 1st Charlotte Hopkins, 2nd Macey Howlett- Roanie, 3rd Jackson Mitchell- Fable Park Puzzle; 85cm Open: 1st Natalie Cooper- Frankie, 2nd Renee Birkett- Darley, 3rd- Ashely Danks- FJ; 75cm U15: 1st Charlie Mitchell- Bindi, 2nd Paige Hill- Parker, 3rd Otis Bottomley- Tocal I Spy, 75cm Open: 1st Emily Deece - Treena Docs Dazzler, 2nd Gabrielle Johnston- Congo, 3rd Molly Northam- RR Bright Moon Night; 60cm U14: 1st Chloe Donehue - Misty, 2nd Cally Howlett- Lazy Boy, 3rd Zara Sampson- Arwin; 60cm Open: 1st Amanda Newton- Wundarra Revelation, 2nd Otis Bottomley- Tocal I spy, 3rd Gabrielle Johnston- Congo; 45cm U12: 1st Lochie Colquhoun- Koora Lyn Tyro, 2nd Zara Sampson- Arwin, 3rd Riley Curtis- Electric Moments; 45cm Open: 1st Breanna Bartley- Diva, 2nd Hayley McNeil- Kallenia Bear, 3rd Abbey Flinn- PS Montezuma.