Lions member Margaret Walton is the new face of Driver Reviver in Singleton

After five years in the drivers seat, Jenny Trunk is handing over the keys so to speak.

The dedicated Driver Reviver coordinator is taking a back seat after recently relocating to Newcastle.

However, her replacement is eager take control and get the roster organised for their busiest period.

Margaret Walton, who has plenty of experience taking care of tired drivers, is looking for volunteers to man the stop between December 22 and January 2.

She says the only day they are closed during this time is on Christmas Day.

During this period they estimate between 500 and 600 people utilise the stop which is located at Townhead Park and operates out of the kiosk in the Visitor Information Centre.

STEPPING BACK: Jenny with Margaret.

STEPPING BACK: Jenny with Margaret.

“We need eight people a day to work in pairs and fill a two hour shift,” Margaret explains.

The Singleton Lions club has been running this initiative since one of their members, Larry Kendall, came up with the concept in 1985.

It began as a coffee stop but has since evolved into a service affiliated with the NSW Roads and Maritime Service with about 80 sites around NSW and supported nationally by sponsors, like Bushells and the Arnotts foundation.

Jenny says they have Tiny Teddies for the children this year which is sure to go well with the cordial the club generously makes up for the kids.

“They are also supplying us with some savory biscuits to give out,” she says.

And, after all these years Jenny still finds working at the stop an enjoyable and satisfying experience.

“You get to meet so many different people,” she says.

If you would like to assist  during this peak period please call the new Driver Reviver coordinator, Margaret Walton on 0423 064 777.