Singleton Council must be prepared to fund legal challenge against service centre proposal for floodplain

Anyone looking at the photograph, taken in June 2007, of the site of a proposed service station would be shocked that such plans were ever contemplated.

The site in 2007 was under at least 1.8 meters of water.

Given the fact we are a town, built like so many others on a floodplain, it is inevitable that the site will once again be inundated. In fact it may be under even more water during the next flood – then why oh why would anyone consider building any new structure on that piece of land located at the intersection of Bridgman Road and the New England Highway?

Singleton Council rejected the proposal in March 2017 but the proponents have taken that decision to the NSW Land and Environment Court.

Following a conciliation conference between the parties and the Court no agreement was reached and now Council have to consider their position at a closed meeting on March 19. 

For all of the community, but especially those most affected should the proposal go ahead including residents of lower lying areas, we are all hoping Council stick to their original decision.

If the flooding issues alone were not enough to bury this development the fact it is located at an already congested intersection and it would also pose real threats to the safety of pedestrians and bike riders using the existing walkways and tracks at the location Council surely has the right to reject this proposal.

Plus aren’t we thinking about a bypass – so why do we need such a development in suburbia?

Ratepayers might be concerned about the the costs of a legal battle – but some fights are worth taking on and winning and that is certainly the case with this development.

Anyway Council appears to have plenty of funds to splash about just look at the latest announcement – a new look logo.

From the reaction on our social media sites virtually everyone agrees that was a complete waste of time and money.

Money we believe would have been better spent opposing this development or say working on solving another water issue in Kelso Street.

Council has achieved some great results especially in waste management – the new logo is not one of those achievements. Stopping bad developments in the wrong locations is worth achieving.