Bridgman Road service station DA court hearing set for June 27

After two telephone mentions in the NSW Land and Environment Court involving the development application for a service station at the intersection of Bridgman Road and the New England Highway the Court has set a hearing date for June 27.

The hearing will take place on-site and at Singleton Court House with objectors able to make representations at the hearing. 

Singleton Council rejected the development application, made by Cardiff Holdings Pty Ltd, in March 2017 but the proponent subsequently took that decision to the Land and Environment Court.

Conciliation between the parties was undertaken before a resolution was adopted by Councillors to ask Council staff will to work with the applicant to prepare agreed conditions of approval, taking into account additional information, revised plans and reports by the applicant to address initial concerns raised by Council.

Mark Ihlein, Council’s Director Planning and Infrastructure, said “The matter was in the Land and Environment Court list for mention on Monday morning (April 16).

“However as a result of a telephone mention with the Registrar of the Land and Environment Court last Monday (April 9), a hearing has been set for June 27. The hearing will be held onsite and then adjourn to Singleton Court House. “The proceedings will be open to the public. Council is to provide draft conditions of consent by April 16 and the applicant must provide a response to the draft conditions by April 23.

“If parties agree to the conditions, Council is to provide the agreed conditions to the Court by May 4. If parties cannot agree to conditions, both parties must file and serve the proposed conditions to the Court by the same date. “Council’s legal representatives will notify objectors at least two weeks prior to the hearing date with a copy of the draft conditions and contentions, as well as information regarding the process for objectors to lodge a submission and make representations to the Court.”

Proposed site June 2007

Proposed site June 2007