Meet our local firefighters at the annual Open Day this Saturday

From the old “lion tamer” uniforms being on display to simulations and our local paramedics making an appearance, the Singleton Fire Station Open Day is on this Saturday from 10am to 2pm. 

Always a popular event, captain Bruce Ambrose says close to one thousand people attended last year. 

Captain Bruce Ambrose with his granddaughter.

Captain Bruce Ambrose with his granddaughter.

And, they gave out about 400 showbags, adds firefighter Jason Carter.

However, despite all the fun activities on offer there is an important reason behind these days – home fire safety and prevention.

Firefighter Carter says it is a great opportunity to talk to the experts about making your home fire-safe ahead of winter.

And, they are experts.

FRNSW firefighters are amongst the most highly trained the world, they do so much more than fight fires.

“This year we are reminding people about the wide range of our capabilities,” he says.

“From chemical spills, car accidents and natural disasters to education, prevention and humanitarian relief, across the state, across the country and even overseas, our firefighters are prepared for anything, anywhere, anytime.”

“All this is business as usual for us- but when people see a fire truck they still assume we are going to a building fire however we do much more than that, in fact it’s more likely we are going to a car accident or assisting NSW ambulance.”

Our local firies and paramedics have close working relationship so this is why NSW Ambulance will be a part of this year’s Open Day.

“In the country we work together,” captain Ambrose states.