Recognition for excellence in Singleton's Learning Community

Each year the Singleton Learning Community gather to recognise both teachers and students who have demonstrated excellence in education throughout the past year.

The evening conducting with reception nibbles and music put on by Singleton High School’s year eleven hospitality classes and music by Megan Cooke.

Special guest speaker Dr Emma Beckett, a past student of Kirkton Public School and Singleton High School who now has a multi-faceted research background, with qualifications and experience in nutrition, epidemiology, science management, biomedical sciences, immunology and microbiology. Emma completed her PhD, in 2016, as a joint project between the Faculty of Science at the University of Newcastle and the CSIRO Food and Nutrition Flagship.

Emma shared her insightful journey from schooling to university to her current career with humour, gratitude and valued insights for future students.

“I thought hospitality was just a subject were you learnt to cook for yourself … little did I know nutrigenomics was something that you could get a career out of…  You’re future job may not even exist yet, so don’t put the pressure on yourself if you are still uncertain or not sure of what you want to do,” she explains.

Emma expressed how being true to yourself is important throughout school and how your education path will differ to others.

“There are many ways to be successful.. You don’t have to get a uni degree or a certificate or anything like that. Success is valued and measured differently for each person...”

Musical performances from Singleton High School This is me and Singleton Public Schools VIVID performance group, Musical Medley opened and closed the evening with a mid ceremony performance Through the looking glass performed by King Street Public Schools Starstruck group.

Over fifty awards were handed out on the evening in six different categories including programs or initiatives, Aboriginal education and student achievements.