Yancoal has taken ownership of Wallaby Scrub Road - security guards man the barricades

Wallaby Scrub Road is now in the hands of Chinese miner Yancoal with security guards at the barricades to prevent trespassing

And if that was not enough to deter would be trespasses there are numerous warning signs saying CCTV is monitoring the site.

A rally organised for Rise for Climate was forced to relocate further down Putty Road despite the fact all attendees said Yancoal did not as yet own Wallaby Scrub Road and therefore they should be permitted to hold the rally as planned at the entrance to the historic road.

Police made there presence felt arriving at the rally and advising people they expected the event to be peaceful. 

Aboriginal edler Kevin Taggart said the fight to keep the road open had been very hard given the power of mining companies and their government supporters.

“But I hope its not gone and I will keep fighting to save Bulga,” he said.