Kiwi widow determined to retrieve her humble, heroic husband

DISHEARTENING, is one word to describe the recent tragic loss of a New Zealand family’s loving husband and father of three, 44 year old Ian Pullen.

 Ian Pullen was a dedicated pilot who had spent numerous years accumulating the skills to fly both helicopters and planes for both joy rides, tours and rural aid assistance.

“Ian was a pilot. They are a breed of their own, he lived to fly” says wife Vicki. 

The humble, Kiwi hero left his wife, children and acreage home in Kaiteke Valley New Zealand to travel to Australia and help the Rural Fire Service fight bush fires across NSW.

“After a few close calls he had decided that he would retire from flying for most of the year which is why he became a beekeeper and just go back over to Australia for the fire seasons” Vicki tells us. 

Vicki and Ian Pullen would have been celebrating their 24th wedding anniversary this week but instead, Vicki is travelling to Australia to collect her husbands body to return home. 

“The loss of Ian has effected not only me, but his children… it is a tragic way to bring our family together” 

“Our youngest daughter Charlotte was the apple of Ian’s eye.. being only thirteen she still very much a daddy’s girl and she and her brothers would regularly remind me of this” 

It is believed that Ian was struck and killed by a motor vehicle on Carrington Street, Glendridding between the early hours of 4am and 5.30am of Saturday, September 29.

Vicki flew into Australia on Thursday October 4 saddened but determined to retrieve Ians body.

“We have been contacted by so many strangers just wanting us to know that Singleton and Newcastle and the state in general are behind us” Vicki tells us. 

“I'm not thinking about the driver any longer. He or she made their decision to not stop and get help for my Ian.”

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44-year-old Ian Pullen

44-year-old Ian Pullen