Hundreds of year 12 students preparing for HSC exams

Exam time is creeping up close for our senior students in town as they are in the final few days of preparing for their Higher School Certificate exams (HSC).

After many celebrations throughout the last week or so of school such as muck up day, the “scavenger hunt” or their final assembly, the crack down to study and prepare is on. 

“The last week of school was quite eventful we threw a silent disco for the whole school which was a good time for everyone and a memory of our last day that we will never forget” says 18 year old Breanna Forbes from Hunter Valley Grammar School.

“My last week was all about being with friends and not stressing about classes making it a relaxing and enjoyable way to finish school” explains 18 year old Mikaela McIntosh from St. Mary’s. 

The first exam kicks off on Thursday October 15 and as always is the mandatory English Paper one. 

The exam period goes from October 15 through until Friday November 9 with over 110 exams taking place through this time period in over 800 secondary schools across the state. 

According to the NSW education standards authority (BOSTES for those who are unaware of the change to NESA) A the website in 2018, 76,732 students are studying one or more HSC courses. Of these students 69,383 are on track to complete their HSC this year. 

“The study groups at the town library are much more motivating then trying to study at home” 18 year old Alex Vaughn from St. Catherine's College explains. 

“My last week of school will forever be the one of the most memorable times I have had at school. As for preparing HSC I feel as if there not enough time but I’m ready as best as I can be” says Mikaela McIntosh. 

“I think overall people aren’t feeling too bad at this moment but next week the stress will heighten” explains 17 year old Singleton High School Vice Captain Nick Watson. 

“It's been stressful and busy as I'm putting in long hours each day but it's only for a few more weeks and in the end it will hopefully all be worth it…. I am as prepared as I will ever be but I'm just thankful that I've consistently made good notes throughout the year so I don't have to spend time doing it now and can focus on completing practice papers under timed conditions…” Breanna Forbes tells us. 

A gentle reminder to parents and teachers to be kind and supportive through this stressful time and to not think that doctors, dentists and lawyers are the only happy people in this world. 

EXAMINATION: Year 12 students across NSW are preparing for their HSC exam period held across October and November.

EXAMINATION: Year 12 students across NSW are preparing for their HSC exam period held across October and November.