Singleton's Walk For Freedom joining international campaign on October 20

A GLOBAL fundraising and awareness event is expected to capture plenty of attention at Singleton this weekend.

Rallying thousands of abolitionists, taking millions of steps and showing up in hundreds of cities all over the world, Walk For Freedom is an outward expression of the participants’ inward desire to see slavery completely abolished. 

And, on Saturday, October 20, a single-file line of local residents, dressed in black, will join the international campaign, departing from 3 Campbell Street from 10.30am.

Organiser Betina Sheen, taking part in her third Walk For Freedom, said Singleton would host one of four events in NSW.

“People are often amazed to hear slavery still exists – they think it was something that ended 200 years ago,” she explained.

“But, sadly, that couldn't be further from the truth.

“There are more people in slavery today than at any other point in history.

“I think the reason they don't realise this is because it's hidden in plain sight.

“If we could make just one person more aware of the existence of modern-day slavery through this walk then we've achieved something.”

Mrs Sheen said human trafficking was the fastest growing crime in the world – and generated more than $150 billion USD each year.

“Only 1 per cent of victims are rescued,” she added.

“Often the enormity of a situation can stop us from doing something. 

“The problem seems out of our control.

“But, if everyone does what they have power to do, then we can really make waves.

“Tomorrow, participants will walk single file around town in the hope people will stop and think about the reality of this issue.

“If you’re in Singleton on Saturday, please consider joining the walk and hearing more about the work of A21 to bring justice for victims.

“Even if all you do is tell your friends about this global issue, you are making a difference.

“It's a slow pace walk for about an hour. 

“There is no cost to participate but there is the option to donate.”

For more information, visit the Walk For Freedom Singleton Facebook page or