Singleton jockey Mikayla Weir celebrates century of victories

WINNER: Mikayla Weir held off strong competition for her 100th race win last month.
WINNER: Mikayla Weir held off strong competition for her 100th race win last month.

WINNING is a great feeling in any sport, so to do it 100 times is an amazing achievement, and that’s exactly what local jockey Mikayla Weir did last month.

The incredible accomplishment came at a race in Muswellbrook on October 23, on the back of Magic Beneteau.

Ms Weir said she was aware of her record prior the the race and was especially excited after the victory.

“It feels different because I’ve achieved that milestone of getting to 100 wins, I never thought I’d be able to do something like that and it did feel extra special,” she said.

The win was even sweeter given it occurred on her boss’s horse, which Ms. Weir described as ‘the stars aligning’.

Being a jockey is an incredibly tough profession mentally, given the often skewed loss to win ratio, but she said the key is all about taking it on a race-by-race basis.

“It’s a game that you have to deal with one day at a time, you can’t carry yesterday into today and being someone who’s come from a competitive background with horses, it has taught me to let things go,” she said.

“You have to take the good when the good comes and that’s the best way to deal with it and you can only learn from the hard days.”

Saying that, Ms Weir has enjoyed great success so far having only started her career three and a half years ago.

At just 24 years old she’s showing no signs of stopping and is keep to continue for the foreseeable future.

“I plan to race as long as I can, being a female it does have a time limit, we can’t ride forever but for now I’m loving it,” she said.

Given her age, ability and engaging personality it looks as though she’ll be a safe bet to see at the racecourse for a long time to come.