Singleton Girls Academy hosted their first ever Academy Awards Night at the Singleton Youth Venue

Singleton Girls Academy hosted their first ever Academy Awards Night at the Singleton Youth Venue and had a fantastic turn out.

Family, local Aboriginal Elders, and members of the community and the school all attended to celebrate the achievements of the girls.

The Girls Academy is Australia’s leading in-school mentoring program for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander girls and began operating at Singleton High School earlier this year. 

The night also gave the Academy an opportunity to farewell the four Year 12 members who were presented with a Girls Academy jumper, their 2018 enrolment certificate, and their digital portfolio which included slideshows of their time with the Academy.

Year 11 student Katelin Pascoe said: “The Awards Night was a great night. I was glad that I was asked to MC and enjoyed every second of getting to see my peers and friends get recognised for their growth. I enjoyed being able to work along side my junior Academy member Emily and being able to share in the joy and excitement with the award recipients.”

Year 7 student Alaura Fabian said: “The Awards Night was fun. I was nervous doing the Welcome to Country but enjoyed doing it. I was very surprised and grateful when I got my awards. Over all it was a great night and a huge thanks to Paige and Renee for such a great year and hopefully for the rest of my high school journey”.

Year 11 student Karly Berends said: “It was great to see everyones face who got awards. I felt so great getting my awards. I got the award for year 11 Shining Bright attendance and a certificate for going to the Girls Academy Showcase with other girls, Renee and Paige”.

Singleton Program Manager Renee MacDonald said: “The annual Academy Awards Night is such a wonderful way to celebrate the achievements of our Academy members. I am proud of so many of the Academy girls and it is important to show them that their efforts are not going un noticed. Not only does these Awards Night offer the opportunity for our girls, their family and their community to come together it also provides the opportunity to increase our girls confidence and public speaking ability ”. 

Academy Friendship Award - Katelin Pascoe - year 11 

Rising Star Award - Alaura Fabian - year 7

Cultural Connection Award - Kya Thompson - year 9

Nupa Award - Chelsea Croucher - year 12

Continuous Growth Award - Maddison Tallar - year 11

Academic Dedication Award - Hannah Whalan - year 10

Shining Bright Attendance trophies were presented to a student from each year group with outstanding attendance for the year:

Year 7 - Sharlotte Meyer 

Year 8 - Mia Spencer

Year 9 - Jana McInnes

Year 10 - Hannah Sturch

Year 11 - Karly Berends

Year 12 - Chelsea Stocks

In total 20 Academy students were presented certificates for their attendance of 90% or above for the year!

Certificate of recognition was presented to Year 11 student Danicka Ketley for Academy Engagement.

Those Academy members who participated in specific activities/events throughout the year also received certificates.

The Singleton Girls Academy staff would like to thank everyone who chose to celebrate the girls' achievements with them. Congratulations to all of the girls.