Students make a splash at SHS life saving course

Prime time weather conditions have hit Singleton just in time for the annual three day Life Saving Course Singleton High School conduct at the end of each year as part of the PDHPE (Personal Development, Health and Physical Education) syllabus. 

The course was held from Tuesday, December 4 through until Thursday ,December 6 with sunny skies and warm weather blessing all 180 students who participated, making it an enjoyable few days spent at the Singleton Gym and Swim.  

Students from year eleven SLR (Sport, Lifestyle and Recreation) and students from year nine PASS (Physical Activities and Sport Studies) classes have trained during last term to facilitate these lessons for the year seven students with supervision of teachers and life guards.

Some of the activities in the course include learning CPR, knowing how to correctly use a PFD (personal flotation device), diving with dive sticks and the all time favourite, the ‘clothes swim’, which involves students swimming a certain distance and treading water for a certain time fully clothed.

“The clothes swim is definitely the most challenging activity of the course. It is the one the students always say they hate however its the one that always gets the biggest smiles once conquered” says organising PDHPE teacher Ms Sarah Nieuwenhuise. 

Year nine and eleven students will also have the opportunity on Friday to complete either their bronze medallion, bronze star or bronze cross, which are considered the pinnacle of the awards in the National Royal Life Saving committee.