Broke Public School start their year with a burst of colour

Broke Public School K-6 Project, 'Strong Mind, Kind Heart, Positive Attitude' started the year with a bright, colourful bang.

Students, staff and parents participated in an obstacle course colour run to celebrate their Project Based Learning Launch ‘How can I be my best self?

"Project Based Learning is proving to be highly engaging for the whole school community and the students and staff are excited about their current project based around Wellbeing and Fitness" explains the school Administrative Manager Ms Tash Ede. 

The students will focus on PDHPE and CAPA outcomes this term, culminating in a Wellbeing Retreat for their school community members.

Teachers will be integrating technology throughout the project, supporting their students to create fitness videos and meditation tracks, along with healthy food that will be presented to their parents at the conclusion of their project.

"The colourful smiles show how much fun they all had".

Students continued their launch day with mindfulness rotations, which included, dance, yoga, art, music and laughing workshops.

The students can’t wait to see what the rest of the project has in store.