When the name Calum Blair was called in the ballot draw people asked who is he?

Scoring first place on the Upper Hunter electorate ballot draw was Calum Blair a born and raised Singleton boy who grew up on the water supply for the shire, Lake St Claire.

He spent a lot of his childhood on the lake and surrounding foreshores as well as the neighboring Mt Royal National Park.

Educated through the local public school system, Calum spent only a brief time living outside of the Upper Hunter.

After several years of employment in the local coal mining industry, Calum completed his Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) at the University of Newcastle and now works in the rail industry as a project engineer focusing on track construction, maintenance, and repair.

He is a former Army Reserve and has a great passion for mentoring and tutoring HSC mathematics students in the Singleton shire. 

Calum has a strong support for infrastructure construction with sustainable usage of water throughout construction development. 

His passion for learning and education gives him vision for improvement in the NSW curriculum, and education as a whole.

Calum believes having a transparent and accountable government is of vital importance.

Number one on the Upper Hunter electoral ballot paper Calum Blair.

Number one on the Upper Hunter electoral ballot paper Calum Blair.