Council reveals 'Wish list' for Singletons needs ahead of Federal election

With the Federal election set for Saturday May 18, Mayor of Singleton, Cr Sue Moore has unveiled a Federal wish list for the people of Singleton.

And the number one item is Federal funding for a New England Highway bypass of Singleton.

Singleton Council's Federal Advocacy Agenda also calls for increased drought support for farmers in the Singleton local government area, actions to address the impacts of flying-fox colonies and greater consideration for the impacts of new power stations and mines on communities.

"Nothing on this list is new, but with a date for the Federal election imminent, we want to make sure all the candidates for the seat of Hunter are aware of what the people of Singleton need from the Federal Government," Cr Moore said.

"More importantly, we'll be looking for commitments from all sides of politics to deliver on our list.

"The number one priority for our community is the realisation of a New England Highway bypass. The State Government has committed $92 million to the project and planning is continuing.

"But an injection of Federal funds will mean we can achieve our goal to have the road constructed by 2024, and considerably improve road safety, travel times and the amenity of our community that is currently divided by one of the major road routes on the east coast of Australia."

The list also calls for:

Recognition of Singleton as a drought-affected region

Funding for research to assist Council to manage the impact of flying-foxes on the community

Development of a cumulative impact policy position on amenity impacts from mining and power stations

Leadership and resources to help communities respond to recycling issues

No new, increased or transferred responsibilities to local government without corresponding revenue or revenue raising capacity

Maintain and expand health services in Singleton

Cr Moore said all candidates for the seat of Hunter were on notice of the community's expectations from the next term of government, regardless of the result.

"I'm also calling for Federal support to address economic and social impacts particular to mining-affected regions," she said.

"I will be sending a copy of our Federal Advocacy Agenda to each candidate in the seat of Hunter, as well as looking to meet with them individually to discuss their position on everything on the list.

"Singleton might seem a long way from Canberra, but the decisions made there will make a real difference to the people who live, work and travel through our area."