Friday night at the Singleton Yancoal Art Prize

A chilly evening welcomed those who attended the 37th Yancoal Singleton Art Prize on Friday May 10 at the Singleton Civic Centre.

With over 400 entries, there was plenty to critique and compare however the overall winner was Graham Cox for his work "Belligen Pastrol".

Croatian born judge Mr Toni Belobrajdic and a team of several others judges came to the decision that it was Grahams work that stood out on top.

"It was a very difficult decision as the standards of work here are very high but we came to a final decision through a lot of note making and discussing," says Mr Belobrajdic.

The Acquisitive award, which is donated every year to the Singleton collection, went to Kay Sparkes for her still life painting "Oranges", which Mr Belobrajdic described to be "Beautifully executed with total command".

The youth section was a favourite section for Mr Belobrajdic, saying the standards were as high as the other categories.

"The junior section was fantastic, there are definitely a few future artists I hope to see emerge from the region from what I have seen today"

Fay Gray took out the Singleton Optical Local prize with her work "Would You", and it was described by Mr Belobrajdic as a "beautifully strong drawing".

The 2019 Winners:

Section A: The Yancoal Traditional Prize:

1st "Flooded Town" by Colina Grant

Section B: The Yancoal Watercolour Prize:

1st "Days Last Glow Mt Dyrring" by Barry Thomas

Section C: The Yancoal Contemporary Prize

1st "McDonalds Flat" by Janine Mathews

Section D: The Yancoal Still Life Prize:

1st "Avocado" by Kim Madden

Section E: The Glencore Pencil Pen and Ink Prize:

1st "Plates 'N' Things" by Janine Mathews

Section F: The Glencore Flowers Prize

1st "Spring Blossom With Aynsley China" by Janine Mathews

Section G: The Glencore Miniature Prize:

1st "Autumn Pears" by Pen Shepard

Section H: The Singleton Optical Local Prize:

1st "Would You" by Fay Gray.

The With Bailey Youth 16-18 Years Prize:

1st "On Going" by Altheya Agena

The With Bailey Youth 12-15 Years Prize:

1st "Dark Within" by Mirran Rankin

The With Bailey Youth 8-11 Years Prize:

1st "Creation Of Flowers" by Grace Muxlow

As always, the hospitality team from Singleton High School put on an array of canapes for all to enjoy across the evening.

The exhibition will be open this Saturday, Sunday and Monday to purchase or view works.

The exhibition will also be open Saturday and Sunday next weekend for final purchases and collection of purchased works.