All the results from the croquet lawns at Howe Park


The rain cleared, the sun shone and six ladies enjoyed an afternoon of croquet at Howe Park. Strangely, all four games resulted in a 7-3 score!

Results of games:

Fay and Robyn defeated Colleen and Marie 7-3

Val and Robyn defeated Colleen and Betty K 7-3

Fay and Marie defeated Val and Betty K 7-3

Colleen and Val defeated Betty and Robyn 7-3

Individual scores:

Fay scored 7 from 2 games followed by Marie scoring 5

Colleen, Robyn and Val tied with a score of 4.3 from 3 games.


Saturday afternoon blessed Singleton once more with great weather for all sports. Anyone who sat at home and watched football on TV missed out on a beautiful afternoon out in the sunshine and fresh air.

Howe Park buzzed with four sports, but the ancient challenging game of croquet could only attract five players. This has dwindled from the early days of ten or twelve players, but age has wearied some.

Newcomers are invited to observe or play croquet at Howe Park from 1 pm on Saturdays. All gear and afternoon nibbles are provided for a small fee.

Four ladies and one gent enjoyed three games last Saturday. Fay had a triple win, scoring 21 from her three games.

Fay and Betty P defeated Val and Robyn 7-4

Fay and Bob defeated Betty P and Val 7-2

Fay and Val defeated Betty P and Robyn 7-3

Individual scores:

Ladies: Fay topped the list averaging 7 from 3 games; followed by Val scoring 4.3 from 3 games

Gents: Bob averaged 7 from 1 game


This was our last croquet day for autumn. There was a better roll up of five ladies and two gents who enjoyed four games of croquet in the summery sunshine at Howe Park last Saturday. It is hard to imagine people sitting at home watching others participate in sport when they could be out in the fresh air and sunshine. Remember you are welcome to join us on Saturdays from 1 pm at the Howe Park courts.

Four ladies gained the ultimate game score of 7-6 on this last weekend in autumn. It is pleasing to see more players attempting the 'jump shot' and often succeeding. Practice makes perfect!

Results of games:

Betty K and Bod defeated Robyn and Bruce 7-4

Fay and Betty P defeated Colleen and Robyn 7-6

Fay and Betty K defeated Betty P and Bruce 7-5

Betty K and Robyn defeated Colleen and Bob 7-5

Individual Results:

Ladies: Betty K averaged 7 from 3 games. Likewise, Fay averaged 7 but from 2 games. They were followed closely by Robyn averaging 5.7 from 3 games.

Gents: Bob averaged 6 from 2 games with Bruce averaging 4, also from 2 games.


It was great to see the stalwarts roll up on Saturday in this winter weather. Actually, the conditions were perfect for an enjoyable and challenging game.

Four ladies and two gents graced the courts to play four interesting games - three of which went to 7-5. We would love to see two courts in action again, so old or new players are welcome at Howe Park on Saturdays from 1 pm. All gear and afternoon nibbles are provided.

Results of games:

Betty and Bruce defeated Robyn and Colleen 7-5

Betty and Robyn defeated Fay and Bob 7-5

Fay and Bruce defeated Colleen and Betty 7-4

Robyn and Betty K defeated Bruce and Bob 7-5

Individual scores when averaged over gamed played:

Ladies - Robyn scored 19 from 3 games, averaging 6.3; Betty scored 25 from 4 games, averaging 6.2. Congratulations to Robyn and Betty for a close finish.

Gents - Bruce scored 19 from 3 games, averaging 6.3; Bob averaged 5 from 2 games.