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Scott Clements: Very surprised if the idiots who did this haven't told someone.... love to see them charged.. someone must know who they are.

Nola Murphy: I think it is about time we had 24 hour police in this town. We had our home broken into on the Saturday morning after this incident. I do hope they catch the person who decided it was fun to hurt people by vandalising the graves of loved ones.

Kim Brown: Same as we still dont have the grub that killed (Hit and run) of Ian Pullen. Singleton has a few grubs.

Justine Carrow: It will come out in time...everything comes out over time.

Anna Stratford: We need more policing in this bloody town! So much happens at night and there is zero cops around.. All at Mussy..


Wendy Love: Fantastic afternoon. Many congratulations Gerard. A wonderful 40 years. You are class!!!!

Caroline Hayes: Congratulations Gerard, 40 great years.

Kel Ferguson: Congratulations Gerard definitely worth celebrating!

Jelinda Millgate: A true gentleman and asset to this community. It was wonderful to celebrate with you. Congratulations.

Ruth Rogers: Congratulations on 40 years. An inspiration to the industry but also a passionate supporter of the Singleton Community.

Louise Jamieson: Congratulations on such a wonderful achievement Gerald.

Ruth Latter Congratulations Gerard. Singleton has been very lucky to have such A strong leader to guide the club but also for the great support Gerard has been to Singleton, congratulations on your 40 years and many more to come.

Nancy Ping: Well done Gerard. A valued member of the community x

Max Holloway: Well done mate. 4 decades well done.

Janine Moon: Congratulations Gerard, well done.

Kerry N Gai Hardy: Congratulations... on all you and your Board have done for our community.

Steve Pincham: Congratulations Gerard. A great achievement.