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Alexandra Wheatley: About time sick of the craziness after work there.

Liz Welsh: That is fantastic now about the bypass for Singleton? How come Scone has money but we are still waiting??

Wendy George: Now for Singleton bypass Michael Johnson

Isabella Bailey: A job well done!!! Now, let's see the work start on our desperately needed bypass.

Adam Hughes: Great, now where's this Monorail we've been waiting all these years for?

Ian Poulton: I don't think that was the pinch point, that starts at the Golden Highway intersection.

Julie Manning: Good to see the work completed but it's not going to stop the congestion. We still desperately need the bypass that has been promised for over 20 years. Scone is getting it because of the train line. I have never seen a bottle neck of traffic in Scone like what happens in Singleton. When will it happen here Mr Johnson? How many more lives need to be lost before something is done?

Carole Morgan: When are you going to fix the road at Whittingham it's a death trap for us to get out through the day

Peter Fowler: Something we didn't want or need and you want a pat on the back now do the right thing and get the bypass done .give some of the coal money coming out of Singleton area back to fund it NOW.

Grant Winter: Yes. Great job Michael Johnson... Single lane each way before... now 29 million dollars later still single lanes ... what a waste of money.

Caroline Vader Ritter: Ahead of schedule, under budget and still completely bottle necked of a morning.

Maybe we'll get the bypass ahead of schedule too now?

Keith Nelson: Daracon..EXCELLENT work..You have ALL those that go thru it DAILY,,Saying you HAVE OUR approval to now get in & DO the same for the SINGLETON BY PASS?? All in Favour say YES?? See approved 100% by the voters.

Jane Teuma: Bypass needed for sure.

Helen Bryant :Looks good BUT I see an intersection the same as out at Golden hwy/ Wittingham