Vintage cars, roof repairs and Ravensworth Homestead updates

Vintage and Classic Cars

This Wednesday July 10 the Historical museum invite the community to come down to Burdekin Park to see an array of vintage and classic cars that will be parked on display around Burdekin Park from 11 am onward.

ARRAY: An array of vintage and classical cars will be on display today in Burdekin Park from 11am onward.

ARRAY: An array of vintage and classical cars will be on display today in Burdekin Park from 11am onward.

Members of the Newcastle and District Vintage and Classic Car Club will be visiting the Singleton Museum.

Roof Repairs

Last week, Museum members were handed the architectural plans for the new hip-roof to be built over the back section of the Museum.

This is to replace the 'almost flat' skillion roofing damaged in 2016 by fallen branches when three large colonies of flying foxes invaded the Park.

Since then, members have had to position several large receptacles in the area to catch rainwater. Floor coverings, signage and labelling, and a few museum items were stained or damaged in 2016.

The back section was built in 1976 specifically to house vintage transport and farm machinery. Today it is known as the O'Hara Section in recognition of the work done by Jean and Bob O'Hara.

The floor area is at ground level - a step lower than the other rooms.

Two ramps conforming to Australian Standards are to replace the existing structures at the entrances to this section. Unfortunately, these new ramps will encroach on the limited floor space so some exhibits may have to be placed in storage.

An upgrade will also be made to meet the Fire Safety Standards. An 'escape' door on the back wall is to be included - and this encroaches on our large wall exhibits, so a couple of farm exhibits will also have to be moved and possibly placed in storage.

First suggestive new roof plan.

First suggestive new roof plan.

Ravensworth Homestead

The July monthly meeting on 16 July will probably have representatives from Glencore attending to outline the final decisions on the removal of Ravensworth Homestead and its outbuildings.

Two local sites have been identified. All members and interested non-members are most welcome to attend. Glencore are yet to confirm the visit which is listed to commence at 1.30 pm.