The future Kindergarten students of Singleton Public School

Singleton Public School welcomed two classes of future Kindergarten students as part of their sixth annual small steps program.

Each year, teacher Mrs Gai Scoles helps pre-school students and their families prepare for the transition from pre-school to primary school with special lessons every Friday on the school grounds.

"It's a great way to start teaching the children classroom rules such as raising our hand when we want to speak and sitting on our bottoms when it's class time," said Mrs Scoles.

And there is no doubting how keen the pre-schoolers are to attend with some already wearing their new uniforms, which according to Ms Scoles are often put on early on the Friday morning showing a keenness they would love to see in all their students.

Last Friday, both classes celebrated the completion of the eight week program with a class party, indulging in scrumptious fruits with their future peers and teachers.

"This year both classes have been a treat to have each Friday, we are very keen to see them all next year as our 2020 SPS Kindergarten students."