Former world champion James Magnussen answering call from Singleton Amateur Swimming Club

Missile to inspire junior athletes

FORMER world champion and Olympic medal winning swimmer James Magnussen will visit Singleton this week - and the swim club couldn't be more excited.

The superstar will be the guest of honour at a clinic on Wednesday, January 22, designed to further improve the already talented squad of junior swimmers.

This will be the second year in a row he has answered the call from Singleton Amateur Swimming Club (SASC) and, in 2020, will address the younger age group, giving them advice on a spate of issues.

"He'll give the kids some strategies to deal with the challenges and the ups and downs," SASC publicity officer Karen Earnshaw said.

"He covers things from a full, healthy approach to sport through nutrition, technique, skills to warming up and stretching and the importance of all of that."

On top of teaching the young athletes some crucial lessons, his presence will also provide much excitement due to the fame and stature of the man dubbed 'The Missile'.

The fact Magnussen himself hailed from a smallish town is something that will also give the kids a reason to be inspired, according to Earnshaw.

"He's a former world champion, Commonwealth and Olympic Games medallist, so it's pretty good to look at someone who came from a town like Port Macquarie and was able to achieve those highs," she said.

This is just another feather in the cap of SASC, which boasts a superb recent history of producing elite junior swimmers.