Holz family reunion this Sunday, Mitchells Flat Hall from 10:00am

This Sunday February 9, marks the 100th anniversary of my grandparents wedding . A group of cousins have organised a family reunion.

The gathering is being held at Mitchells Flat Hall from 10am Sunday on grounds that my grandparents donated to the community that has been the location of Mitchells Flat Hall . There are relatives coming from all parts of the state and as far as QLD for the gathering.

The history from a booklet that is being complied:

Alileen (Mossy) & Leo Holz (Ma & Pop) married at St Paul's Catholic Church, Glendon Brook, on February 9, 1920.

On the centenary of their wedding, many members of their family will gather to celebrate this milestone, to acknowledge their amazing contribution to family and community, and to give thanks for all that flowed from their union

It is fitting the celebration will be held at Mitchells Flat Hall (established 1941), the land on which it stands having been donated by Leo & Mossy for its construction

The content of this booklet has been supplied by many of Leo & Mossy's descendants Ma & Pop were clearly very loved as everyone took to the project with great enthusiasm and a fondness for rekindling these memories Thank you to each person who assisted by contacting their family, gathering the photos and information, and writing up the stories

When you read how far and wide Mossy & Leo's descendants have spread, and how each has contributed to the world in their own way, their marriage and example have produced a remarkable legacy And as Robert Walker remarked at the 2002 reunion, 'The breeding program continues to go well '

Peppered throughout

Tim Peters