The summer of 2019-20 has to date been one more of endurance than enjoyment.

The summer of 2019-20 has to date been one more of endurance than enjoyment.

With 2019 being the hottest and driest year ever recorded in Australia the arrival of gentle soaking rain on Thursday was just what the district needed to turn things around.

Importantly the bushfires that started in July 2019 are now but all extinguished across the state and the Rural Fire Service can take a breather before they start to think about the next season and the lessons learnt from what everyone one has described as this year's unprecedented bushfires.

The economic, environmental and emotional toll of this summer's bushfires are almost unfathomable and will be felt for years if not decades to come.

Hopefully follow-up rain will be received in the coming days and weeks as many on the land have been battling drought now for three long years.

And its not only farmers affected by these conditions the popular Singleton Tidy Towns garden competition has been cancelled for this year due to the seasonal difficulties.

The rain has quite literally lifted our spirits and given us time to look around and enjoy the verdant vistas.

On a disappointing note we have reported on the theft of logs from the Singleton Cancer Appeal Commitee's memorial/sensory garden now under construction in the grounds of Singleton Hospital.

The Committee run by a group of dedicated volunteers have been working tirelessly over a number of years to establish this community facility at the hospital.

When completed it will be a wonderful community facility and asset and a credit to all involved in its establishment.

Stealing those logs was no easy task as it would have required some pretty heavy lifting or the use of a hydraulic crane.

It is very sad that people think its okay to steal from a charity and from a facility that benefits all of us but especially those having to visit or spend time in hospital. It is also a memorial for those who have passed and that means they are stealing from the dead.

It would be lovely to see the logs returned as soon as possible as finding the funds to replace them will be hard for the Committee.

Singleton we are better than that - so if they can be returned or the information supplied to the police regarding their theft that would be ideal.