Changes in place for Singleton's Fire and Rescue authorities

Message from the Singleton Fire and Rescue station:

There are a few changes that have taken place with the way Fire and Rescue NSW operates that you may notice going forward.

Some of the changes include:

  • We are cancelling all non-essential community engagements. This means we won't be able to visit your school or childcare centre to pass on fire safety messages for a while.
  • If you visit a fire station for any non-life-threatening issues we are not going to be able to let you in.
  • You may notice fire trucks at emergencies with firefighters sitting inside. We are minimising the amount of close contact firefighters have between different crews and the community.
  • If you see us sitting in our fire trucks and not getting out, this is not us being rude. Feel free to give us a wave from a distance we'll still wave back.
  • We wont be able to show your children our fire truck or let them sit in it for a while.
  • We won't be able to shake hands with you for a while.

Behind the scenes we are doing a lot of hard work to continuously decontaminate our trucks, uniforms and fire stations to ensure us and our community are protected.

It's paramount that we have healthy firefighters able to respond, 24/7.

Thank you for understanding, we could not do this without our communities ongoing support.