Younger cattle trended cheaper, as the cows sold to a dearer trend.

Yarding 615 comparison date 13/05/2020

Change -15

Numbers remained similar, while the quality was mixed, with greater numbers of cows penned this week. The majority were younger cattle, with the bulk purchased by the restockers and lot feeders, while the prime conditioned younger cattle suitable for the butchers increased in both yield and numbers. The younger cattle trended cheaper, as the cows sold to a dearer trend.

The over 200kg vealer steers to the restockers lost 6c, however good runs remained firm to reach 486c/kg. The same weight heifer portion also to the restockers decreased 15c and sold from 360c to 410c/kg. Yearling steers presented with good numbers sold well, as the lighter end reached 424c/kg, however the odd lots struggled to maintain firm prices. Yearling heifers to the restockers trended cheaper and sold from 320c to 370c/kg. The high yielding and prime conditioned younger cattle to the butchers sold to strong competition, with the best of the vealers topping at 438c/kg.

Photo supplied.

Photo supplied.

The older steers to the processors received from 320c to 346c, as the heifer portion topped at 326c/kg. The plainer cows improved 13c, with the processors paying from 242c to 270c/kg. The better finished heavy weights sold to very strong competition and sold from 250c to 304c/kg, depending on the potential yield. The best heavy weight bull reached 294c/kg.