Singleton SCC raise over $1400 on Friday for the St. Vincent Dep Paul Winter Appeal

Saint Catherine's College slept in and wore their pajamas to school on Friday June 26 to help raise funds for the St Vincent de Paul Winter Appeal and Sleep out.

Students from Kindergarten through to senior school attended school in their sleep attire and together raised more than $1400 to be donated to families or people in need.

"The school has been learning about homelessness in religion lessons and pastoral discussions this term," said Principal Niamh Marzol.

"The students have been bringing in donations such as canned food, new blankets and sleeping bags to be donated to those who are in need especially during these tough times," she continued.

Ms Marzol also took part in the CEO Sleepout initiative for her seventh consecutive year, which invites CEO's of major companies to experience an evening of homelessness by sleeping outside in the cold.

On top of the $1400 raised from PJ day, more than $500 was raised from the Bake Sale to go to the local Saint Vincent DePauls and other CEO sleepout donations $2760 from friends, family, parents and colleagues.

The aim of the St Vincent de Paul Winter Appeal and Sleep out initiative is to help raise funds and awareness for homelessness and poverty in Australia, especially post COVID-19.