Singleton Croquet Club members enjoy terrific playing conditions at Howe Park court

MEMBERS of the Singleton Croquet Club have enjoyed some terrific playing conditions over the past fortnight.

Eight enthusiastic players took to the Howe Park court on Saturday, June 20.

Results were:

Val and Betty K defeated Colleen and Robyn 7-3

Val and Robyn defeated Carolyn and Bob 7-6

Robyn and Carolyn defeated Betty K and Colleen 7-3

Val and Heidi defeated Betty K and Robyn 7-5

One long game went to the ultimate of 7-6.

A special thanks to tennis player, Heidi, for joining our team for a game.

Best individual averages were:

Robyn with 4 games scored 5.5 followed by Betty K scoring 5.

Saturday, June 27, featured another day with an uneven number of players.

However, thanks to tennis players, Heidi and Ross, for joining us later in the afternoon, five games were completed.

Heidi maintained her 100 per cent success rating.

Results were:

Colleen and Val defeated Robyn and Fay 7-5

Fay and Colleen defeated Betty P and Bob 7-6

Robyn and Heidi defeated Val and Betty K 7-5

Betty K and Fay defeated Robyn and Betty P 7-4

Heidi and Val defeated Colleen and Ross 7-6

Best individual averages: Heidi scored 7 from two games followed by Colleen scoring 6.7 from three games.

Faye scored 6.3 from three games.

Everyone is welcome to join in this weekend.