This week at Singleton saleyards the usual buyers competed in a dearer market.

Consignments eased back considerable to 348 head, as the quality remained fair to good. The younger cattle suitable for the butchers were limited in supply, while the cows lifted in number compared to the last market. The usual buyers competed in a dearer market.

The over 200kg vealer steers returning to the paddock gained 9c and ranged from 430c to 516c/kg. The heavier pens also to the restockers improved 20c and reached 490c/kg. The heifer portion to the restockers maintained firm prices and sold from 402c to 460c/kg. Y

earling steers remained firm, as did the heifer portion, with the restockers paying from 360c to 404c for the steers and from 374c to 390c/kg for the heifers. The prime conditioned and high yielding younger cattle to the butchers trended considerably dearer and reached 466c/kg.

Photo: Roger Fuller Pty Ltd.

Photo: Roger Fuller Pty Ltd.

Cows gained from 2c to 5c, with the better covered heavy weights to the processors selling from 282c to 318c/kg. Restockers paid to 308c/kg for a good run of medium weight cows.