The damage as a whole on the land scape and environmental impact will be irreversible

We are writing as concerned land holders regarding the gas pipeline proposal to go through our property these reasons are why we don't want the pipeline.

Our property holds live stock which is a main part of our lively hood. The effect on the environment and land will be catastrophic.

We have a creek running through our property which holds platypus and other rare species which will be completely damaged. Along with bird life.

The damage as a whole on the land scape and environmental impact will be irreversible.

There are other locations that would be much more suitable for the pipeline to run with less affect on the environment example follow express way where the natural landscape has already been altered and easements have been allocated.

We live in an integral part of the Hunter Valley which is close to the world famous Hunter vineyard area which provides the hunter with a fantastic economical boost. The more this area is vandalised the less value and beauty and appeal it holds for tourism and future population.

The consultation provided by HGP has been very questionable with a lot of misinformation .

The proposal put forward has not had the correct roads and infrastructures provided it is hard to understand how State Minister Robert Stokes could ever consider giving HGP the OK with out him knowing the correct information as per what he has been supplied by HGP.

We implore you to make contact with us and come and meet with us on our property so you can see first hand what natural beauty and wonderful environment will be destroyed if this travesty is allowed to continue. When there are other more practical options.

HGP have not considered the Safety of residents being in a bush fire and flood area. Also the effect to the health and wellbeing of residents physically and mentally.

Our insurance will be voided for our property and homes not to mention the drop in valuation of the land which will affect local government revenue.

I hope that the people we put our faith in to run our state and country can have the strength to do what is right and stop this. Not be controlled by the dollar power of private enterprise.

We look forward to hearing from you and with hope that you make the effort to contact us to meet and see what a wonder will be destroyed if this allowed to continue.

Mark & Lyndell Hall


So Mr Morrison has played his trump card by threatening the residents of the iconic Hunter Valley with a gas pipeline through their properties and building a carbon belching gas terminal at Kurri Kurri.

Like another Trump he appears not to understand the affects of climate change and has gone against the advice of eminent scientists, the majority of (young) Australians and has instead listened to the Shakespearian drip drip of the majority members of the Covid-19 commission who have their little fingers in fossil fuel pies.I have lived in quiet countries, in unsettled countries and in downright frightening countries but never in my 70+ years have I felt so scared of the future after Mr Morrison's announcement on Tuesday 15th September that he was opening up Australia to the ravages of gas exploration.

What a legacy Scott Morrison, Angus Taylor, Nev Power et al are leaving for their children who one day may ask "What did Daddy do about climate change?" "Why did Daddy make the decision to lay bare this country?" and "Why is the once agricultural food bowl of Australia now a desert?"

Shame on you all for using tax payers money to back this white elephant when private investors won't; I hope you are prepared to take the consequences of this gamble for the next generation who are going to have clear up your ill advised mess.

Susan Johnson