Little Wings, a charity providing vital air and ground transport for our seriously ill children, welcomes donation from Liddell Coal

Little Wings is a small charity providing free air and ground transport for seriously ill children residing in regional and rural NSW, providing access to life-saving medical treatment via the Sydney Children's Hospital Network and John Hunter Children's Hospital.

The organisation flies in and out of Rutherford Airport on a weekly basis in support of families.

Ashlee and her son Morgan. Photo supplied.

Ashlee and her son Morgan. Photo supplied.

Recently, Glencore's Liddell Coal sponsored Little Wings to enable the charity to provide additional support for seriously ill children in need.

They supported a local family that resides in the Hunter Region with transport from Rutherford to Randwick Children's Hospital; providing both air and ground support for this family in a prompt and meaningful way.

The family who received the assistance was single mother Ashlee and her two sons Morgan 11-month old and his 3-year old brother, Dominic. They live with their mum in Maitland.

Both Morgan and his brother have a Cleft Palate, obstructing their speech and digestive system. In addition, they both have complex special needs that require ongoing support and intervention.

During 2020, both Morgan and Dominic have required surgery at John Hunter Children's Hospital and Randwick Children's Hospital.

With repeated and intensive treatment and rehabilitation requirements, they have flown frequently with Little Wings.

Although both boys remain on oxygen, they both continue to smile and live every day to the fullest. They are life long best buddies that innately understand each other.

Following their surgeries. and repair of their Cleft Palates, their mother Ashlee said that her boys smiles light up the room, their speech and communications are improving daily, and they have been able to try an array of new foods and textures.

"This surgery, and the support we have and continue to receive, has changed the path for my boys and our family. Together we have achieved things that were not possible on my own," Ashlee said.

Little Wings CEO Clare Pearson said, "Little Wings are incredibly grateful for the support of Liddell. With their generous donation, we are able to support families as they silently battle to save the life of their seriously ill child. Being a small charity, we could not achieve all that we do and/or ensure the safety, comfort and longevity of care without community partners such as Liddell".

Liddell Coal 's Lori Depczynski, Environment and Community Officer said Liddell has been in investing in Little Wings since 2016. A lot of us here are from regional and rural towns, so it's very easy to empathise with these kids and their families trying to access to vital medical services on an ongoing basis.

"We are humbled if our small ongoing contributions can help support local families in our community, and getting the kids home from hospital," they said.