2020 HSC student Jeremy Dunn scores himself exhibition space in ARTEXPRESS

Class of 2020 student Jeremy Dunn has scored a highly regarded exhibition spot in the 2021 ARTEXPRESS gallery.

ARTEXPRESS is an annual exhibition featuring a selection of outstanding student artworks developed for the art making component of the HSC examination in visual arts in NSW.

It includes a broad range of approaches and expressive forms, including ceramics, collection of works, documented forms, drawing, graphic design, painting, photo media, printmaking, sculpture, textiles and fibre, and time-based forms.

UP CLOSE: Jeremy Dunn created a body of work titled 'Murmurations'.

UP CLOSE: Jeremy Dunn created a body of work titled 'Murmurations'.

Jeremy has been hand selected from thousands of entries to display his art work in the Art Gallery of NSW early this year for his body of work 'Murmurations'.

"Many artworks in the HSC have really dark or crazy concepts," said Jeremy.

"I just wanted to capture nature, so it was a very simple concept."

The eighteen year old titled the work 'Murmurations' to simply express the beauty of bird flock formations.

"During the holidays before my final year of school started, I was standing out the front of my house and just saw a huge flock of birds majestically flying over my house, and as they were in line with the sun it cast a shadow over me," said Jeremy.

"I was pretty amazed by it so I started doing research and then I saw some videos of starlings in Rome, doing crazy things in the sky with hundreds of thousands of birds and I knew I wanted to do something to replicate it for my HSC."

The budding artist laser cut a variety of bird shapes, pinning them in different arrangements to create a live flock like pattern.

"I fell into the category of a collection of works as I had the mediums of photography, digital media and installation.

"So it was a pretty random and sporadic process, I had so many ideas and was constantly making things, so what I actually displayed at the end was probably only 25% of the stuff that I made."

Jeremy gathered inspiration for his work from artists he studied during his senior years such as Ai Wei Wei and Yang Yongliang.

"I gain inspiration from all artworks that I see. I think practically I didn't gain inspiration off a specific artist it was more a combination of seeing a lot of different mediums and artworks over a period of time."

Jeremy's body of work will be on display from February 4 until April 26 at the Art Gallery of NSW.

"Because I chose art as a fun subject, I didn't even think about art express. I just enjoyed making the work and having a break from the content heavy subjects."

"It was more a break from school work initially and then as I put more and more work into it I became very passionate about it, so to be recognised so highly for it is very rewarding.

"Especially because I had to do the installation twice as it got ruined from rain after I finished so I had to restart, and there were a fair few other challenges which made the process frustrating at times.

"But looking back I enjoyed it all and it'll be a great feeling to see it in the art gallery of NSW.

Despite his love for art, Jeremy is set to commence studying a Bachelor of Communications at the University of Technology in Sydney later this year.

"I won't be studying art at the moment but I wouldn't rule it out. I intend on continuing my art as a hobby but I guess I will just see what happens.

On top of achieving a spot in ARTEXPRESS, Jeremy has also been offered an interview at the University of the Arts of London, which he says he will consider for 2022.