It would appear issues with the Singleton bypass design are all sorted thanks to the crucial outcome of the upcoming Upper Hunter by-election

Singleton Mayor Sue Moore has achieved agreement from both the Nationals and Labor parties that the towns's proposed bypass will now include the full interchange at Putty Road and John Street.

The Mayor, who stood unsuccessfully for the The Nationals candidacy for the May 22 by-election for Upper Hunter, thanked both major parties following their announcements this week that the interchange is a centrepiece for their election commitments.

Shooters Fishers and Farmers's candidate Sue Gilroy spoke about the need for the interchange at her campaign launch as did One Nation's Dale McNamara.

"The Putty Road interchange has been a major concern for our community to ensure the vitality of our Town Centre, making it easy for all motorists to exit onto John Street from any direction and quickly and easily get on their way again," said Cr Moore..

"As we well know, the bypass has long been on Singleton's wish list and while it's wonderful to have the funding for the project, it's just as important to make sure we get the best outcome for our community and the wider Hunter Region with a design that's going to serve motorists now, and for decades to come."

So it would appear the interchange issue is now off the election agenda and the candidates can focus on other pressing matters - health, education in particular vocational training, roads, water security, train services, Hunter gas pipeline and even air quality.

Visiting Singleton this morning Nationals leader and deputy premier John Barilaro said the NSW Government will also continue to work closely with the Muswellbrook community to make sure the Muswellbrook bypass has good connections into the town centre.

"Today I can also announce that as we work towards a concept design for the Muswellbrook bypass, the NSW Government will commit to include connections to Coal Road and we will co-fund with Council local road upgrades to support that connection," Mr Barilaro said.

Labor Candidate for Upper Hunter Jeff Drayton commenting on the Nationals announcement said: "John Barilaro's playing catch up here. The people of Singleton will see right through this and give the Nationals no credit. "If it weren't for Labor's announcement yesterday, the Nationals would have been happy to leave Singleton with a half-baked bypass done on the cheap."