KLP explains why pumping out Diver City children's records is anything but silly

DYNAMIC DUO: Comedian Matt Okine and EDM artist Kristy Lee Peters, aka KLP, have turned their talents to children's entertainment in Diver City.
DYNAMIC DUO: Comedian Matt Okine and EDM artist Kristy Lee Peters, aka KLP, have turned their talents to children's entertainment in Diver City.

ANYONE who thought a baby bump was gonna slow down Kristy Lee Peters, aka KLP, should think again.

If Peters has proven anything during her career as an EDM singer-songwriter and radio personality on triple j, it's that she's a ball of energy. She even has the banging house track, Energy, which she released with Space Cadet, to emphasis the point.

Two months ago Peters gave birth to her second daughter Montessa, joining big sister Siena, 2.

But before shifting her focus to family, Peters was busy on multiple musical projects. Firstly there was the KLP single, People Happy, complete with a video clip featuring Peters dancing while heavily pregnant.

At the opposite end of the musical spectrum Peters was writing and recording her second children's album with comedian Matt Okine in their duo Diver City.

Peters says she wanted to show people being pregnant didn't mean you needed to stop performing.

"I won't deny that it's really hard and there's times when you're just exhausted and your body is very tired and heavy, but for me performing and doing my job is also a passion," Peters says.

"I worked really hard to do that, and if anything the times I was performing when I was super pregnant, I forgot I was pregnant because I was just enjoying myself and moving my body. It helps keep me fit which has helped with my recovery post birth, too."

Diver City released their first album Welcome To Diver City last year and it was nominated for an ARIA for Best Children's Album.

It came about after Okine's partner told Peters about his long-held dream of releasing a children's album. It was an aspiration Okine's former triple j workmate shared.

"I've always been interested in kids music because I grew up with a dad as a musician and we did a bunch of albums that were kids music-related and I've done loads of things before like teaching kids singing and dancing and performing at shopping centres for kids entertainment," Peters says.

Diver City - Dance Silly

"It's always been something I've loved and loved doing, just not so much in the last 10 years."

Diver City's second album Dance Silly features collaborations with Katie Noonan, Ball Park Music, Bertie Blackman, Adam Hyde from Peking Duk and Alex Dyson and continues the duo's unique take on children's music, by inserting modern EDM into the genre.

"The whole idea was to bridge the gap between kids music and music that parents like," she says. "I don't know about you, but even though my daughter loves The Wiggles, it's not something I personally wanna listen to."

Diver City also touch on subjects like family diversity on Love Is Love (Rainbow Family), a topic not covered on a Wiggles album.

"That song came about because some of my daughter Siena's friends at her daycare are part of rainbow families," Peters says. "I was thinking it's such a cool thing that they're gonna grow up and it's not seen as different, it's just seen as normal."

Diver City's Dance Silly is out on August 27.

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