Singleton businessman Dale McNamara decides to enter the federal arena by contesting the seat of Hunter at the next election

In May this year Singleton businessman Dale McNamara made his first foray into the world of politics through his candidacy for Pauline Hanson's One Nation (PHON) in the by-election for the state seat of Upper Hunter.

In that campaign he gained 12.3 per cent of the vote and no doubt he is hoping to have a bigger impact when it comes time for the federal election where he has just announced he will once again run for PHON.

At the 2019 federal election One Nation's Stuart Bonds gave sitting member Joel Fitzgibbon a fright pushing the once safe Labor seat into marginal territory.

This week Mr Fitzgibbon said he would not be re-contesting the seat at the next election leaving the contest wide open with The Nationals prepared to throw considerable resources into winning Hunter - a seat held by the Labor party for a century.

Mr McNamara as he did in the state campaign will push his coal mining credentials and his view coal has a strong future in the region.

He owns coal mining services businesses as well as pubs and commercial properties in Singleton and Branxton.

Dale McNamara and Mark Latham during this year's by-election for the seat of Upper Hunter.

Dale McNamara and Mark Latham during this year's by-election for the seat of Upper Hunter.

A born and bred Singleton local who has lived in Hunter all his life, he's a self-made man with extensive business experience and success in the coal mining, agricultural, horse racing and hospitality industries.

"Dale fights for coal mining jobs first and foremost. Plus, he has the experience in the tourism, hospitality, and agricultural industries to be a first-class Member for Hunter in the Federal Parliament.", said NSW One Nation Leader, Mark Latham.

"Dale's first priority is economic development-protecting coal jobs and assisting every industry in the Hunter region that can help drive down unemployment and give young people local future employment opportunities."