Sue Moore is leading the mayoral race with 2118 votes to second placed Labor's Tony Jarrett 1372 votes at close of counting on Saturday night

In the early counting of votes in the Singleton Council election current Mayor Sue Moore is leading in early counting with 2118 votes (37.63%) with Labor's Tony Jarrett in second place with 1372 votes (24.35%).

Danny Thompson is placed third just behind Mr Jarrett with 1355 (24.07%) votes and newcomer Belinda Charlton in fourth with 784 votes.

In the tussle for the nine councillor positions in a field of 15 candidates once again Sue Moore is leading the race with 1273 votes, followed by Danny Thompson 757 votes, and Tony Jarrett 689 votes.

Shooters Fishers and Farmers candidate Mel McLachlan has received 616 votes and another first timer Belinda Charlton 357 votes.

Longtime councillor Godfrey Adamthwaite has 329 votes, Labor's Sarah Johnstone 205 and Hollee Jenkins 215 and then followed by Labor's Andrew Clifton on 172.

The other candidates: Tony McNamara 141; Val Scott 114; Kay Sullivan 95; Sue George 85; Calvin Debeutz 64; John Martin 63.