We need a political free drought policy

Why does it have to get so bad that people are forced to plead for assistance before our politicians decide to take some action?

Surely in a country as wealthy as ours and with the technical ability and bureaucracy on-hand to make considered choices farmers and their communities should not be treated as they have been during this drought.

And it is a drought – the worst in living memory and probably worst in 100 years . 

But still our political class, both state and federal, fail to comprehend the magnitude of the problems faced by those living on the land.

It’s dire and throwing half a billion dollars won’t make that much of a difference unless it rains everywhere real soon – and there is follow up widespread falls.

Our core breeding herds both beef and sheep are being slaughtered or dying  as food and water run out and finding fodder is getting harder by the day and more costly.

Without those core breeders how will the livestock industry recover post-drought?  Getting the volumes of feed to these females now as the calve and lamb is absolutely vital. It should be a government run operation to ensure this happens.

Charities are trying their best to help,they are simply wonderful and their efforts lifts the spirits in the bush but given the amount of fodder required its a big ask to rely solely on them.

The logistics involved require some serious planning and inputs. Therefore farmers should not have to be waiting for the politicians to make random decisions that today you’ll get some assistance or maybe an announcement will be made next week. 

Because lets be honest it is a matter of life and death. Therefore we should have a proper drought policy free from political influence – based on world class agricultural management practice, science and implemented by well trained staff who understand farming in Australia.

The ad hoc measures that we see today are totally inadequate – they are embarrassing for a country that describes itself as a world leader in agriculture. 

This drought will eventually end and then we must develop this policy – a policy that can provide certainty in a world hit by climate change that most likely will create even more hardship for farmers. We all eat therefore protecting food sources is vital for us all.