Business feature: It Ain't No Bull

Autumn yearling Knowla sale bulls and stockmen in background.
Autumn yearling Knowla sale bulls and stockmen in background.

James and Ted Laurie and their families ‘Knowla’ Moppy will once again offer an outstanding draft of 70 Angus bulls at their 10th annual sale to be held later this month on Saturday August 25.

The sale commences at 1pm at their Gloucester property, ‘Kanangara’, Kia Ora.

The bulls have been bred in the hills at Moppy, in the foothills of the Barrington Tops, prior to being trucked to ‘Kanangara’ in early August.

Their preparation on rye and oats crop over the past three months has the sale team in exceptional condition.

Continuing on from last year’s record breaking sale, which saw bulls sell for up to $38,000 and attracted interest from all areas of the state, this year’s team  earned good reviews at the recent open day at Moppy.

With prices anticipated to be reduced, the quality of the offering should allow both new and long – term Knowla clients the opportunity to upgrade their genetics at affordable prices.

The 250 head Knowla stud herd is run in conjunction with a 600 strong female commercial herd producing feeder steers and grass fattened slaughter cattle for the domestic market.

The commercial herd allows all the stud bloodlines to be tested under rigorous conditions in steep grazing land.

Knowla steers continue to perform well in feedlot situations, or are grass fattened for the premium MSA Grassfed market.

Some Angus breed leading bloodlines are represented in the catalogue, notably the Highpoint, Bartel, Docklands, Powertool, Gapsted and King sire lines.

In particular, the Highpoint H744 draft is outstanding, exhibiting the typical Angus thickness that is required for weaner and steer production in all coastal areas.

The bulls are presented in two age groups, rising two year old and autumn born calves at 16/17 months of age.

Many of the bulls are well suited to join to heifers, born unassisted from two year old heifers themselves, with an emphasis on moderate birth weight and calving ease.

108 commercial Angus heifers have also been catalogued for sale, and represent similar bloodlines as the bulls.

They will also represent two age groups, at 10/12 months and 16/17 months, and will present in ideal condition ready to join.

On-farm inspections at the sale venue are invited prior to the sale.

The Auctions Plus facility has been added this year to aide prospective purchasers who may not be able to attend on the day.

A limited number of private sale bulls will also be available after the sale.

All Knowla bulls are tested for Pesti virus, semen tested , vaccinated for 7 in 1, Vibrio and Three Day sickness.

The bulls will be delivered free of charge to all local areas.

For any further inquiries do not hesitate to contact Ted Laurie on 6558 5503 or James Laurie on 6558 5519.

Knowla Livestock is a family owned and operated company comprising of James and Annie Laurie, Ted and Alison Laurie, and Marie Laurie.

Children, Sandy, Doug, Rob and Jack and Georgia also play an active role in the properties operation when University and school commitments permit.

The family are the fourth generation to run beef cattle on the headwaters of the Barrington River at Moppy west of Gloucester. The 200 hectare property, was purchased in 2007 and is the site for the annual production sale.

QUALITY: A group of the Knowla two year old sale bulls.

QUALITY: A group of the Knowla two year old sale bulls.